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Legal Declaration Notice

The H Collective hereby declares that The H Collective has exclusive rights of the financing and investments of the film xXx 4 (极限特工4)As of today, all financing and investments for this film has already been completed. The H Collective hereby declares that we have not authorized any agents nor provided any commission for any investment for this film. Any agents claiming to represent our company and/or to request commission upon investment is considered acts of fraud.

The H Collective Legal Department


The H Collective郑重声明:The H Collective影业公司是全球唯一拥有XXX4(极限特工4)电影融资及投资资格的公司。到目前为止本公司已经全部完成该电影的投资及融资工作。本公司从来没有授权任何中介代理及付出任何代理费给任何该电影的投资。任何人如果以代理自称或者收取任何投资代理费的,均属诈骗行为。特此声明。

The H Collective法律部

Authorization Public Statement

The H Collective owns all the rights and interests of the film XXX 4 (Chinese translation: “极限特工4”).
HCH Media (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (承华传媒)is the only authorized product placement partner of the film XXX4 in Mainland China with exclusive rights for product placement.